What makes our Defender Seatbox Corner Protectors so OREsome?
Author: Luke Tarbuck
Category: General News
Date: September 28, 2021

Last week on Instagram, I delved into our popular Defender Seatbox corner protectors to explore their key features, how to install them and how durable they are with our friends Boris and Scout (Owned by Jack and Zach, respectively). For those of you who don’t use Instagram, here’s a rundown of what was discussed:

Key Features

  • They’re free of branding. Not only does this compliment the interior of your Defender, but it also reduces contact points for dirt to gather 🧼
  • They have counter-sunk fixings. This is especially important as it will prevent your door-card from being damaged from the bolts when the door is shut and the vehicle is in motion🔩
  • They are coated with our #OREsome Powder Coating system. This offers the same tank-like protection to for your seatbox, and means the corners will always look their best throughout your adventures! 😎
  • They are made in designed and manufactured in Britain by our trained engineering chimps, what more could you want? 🇬🇧

As you’d expect from ORE, our corner protectors are super easy to install. With minimal drilling involved, and all stainless-steel fixings provided in the box, even a novice can install these corner protectors themselves! Checkout the video below which demonstrates how to install them:

Like I mentioned above, our corner protectors are coated with our unique OREsome Powder Coating System for unrivalled durability and protection. With tank-like properties, this coating has been developed to withstand the most arduous conditions. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Jack (Boris the Defender) putting them through their paces with a hammer: