Approach to copycats

Champions of British Manufacturing

At ORE4x4 UK, we’re proud to be champions of British manufacturing and to have achieved the official, coveted “Made in Britain” certification. As you may know, we’re a team of proper engineers and we don’t do things by halves – the majority of our focus is on quality control and customer service. As great as this is for our loyal customers, it also means that our compeititors or oversees manufacturers tend to copy our products, which we approach with ZERO tolerance. We have appointed Downing IP to handle all future intellectual property disputes.

Stamping out copycats

Although we have now arranged legal protection for future disputes, as a small team it’s hard for us to spot potential counterfeits or clones on the market, which is were you come in. If you spot a copy of any ORE4x4 UK product, and let us know, we will be sure to reward you should the copy turn out to be genuine. So far, this promise has saw us giveaway a few wheel carriers, steering guards, corner protectors, T-Shirts and more!

If you spot a copycat on the market, either drop us a DM on Instagram or Facebook or email us directly on