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After 6 months of design and development and a further 18 months on test – At last, a true single point wheel carrier for the defender! To our knowledge, this is the only single point wheel carrier on the market that does not need any holes drilling or enlarging in the chassis! It’s well known that the Defender rear doors show signs of stress with the weight of the spare wheel on the door.​ The ORE wheel carrier works with all defenders with the standard rear doors for either early or late models. There is no drilling required as the design has been developed around existing fixing points on the standard rear cross members and early and late doors. Unlike other models on the market, our wheel carrier uses automotive grade timkin roller bearings to ensure lonjevity and servicability, as apposed to the plastic bushes found in popular wheel carriers which will degrade over time. We worked closely with a local university to develop our own OREsome Powdercoating system which is able to withstand a 1000hrs salt spray corrosion test. Manufactured and designed in the UK and designed to high tolerances (0.02mm) and exceptional standards of quality. Our high-performance coating system undergoes the same treatments as British Tank Armour! Treat yourself and protect your Investment with an ORE4x4 UK Land Rover Defender Single Point Spare Wheel Carrier!

Important Information

  • We take no responsibility for loss or injury should you try what’s been called the #OREstandard test by standing on the wheel carrier. Chris is a highly trained chimp!
  • The head is adjustable to accommodate tyre sizes from 235 to over 285 and the most common wheel offsets.
  • If you have fitted an aftermarket door but still have an early cross member, you will need to order an additional packer plate using this link: Wheel Carrier Spare Parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does it work with NAS Steps? – The current version has only been tested with genuine NAS step’s part no STC50301 there are many copies of this style on the market, and it will work with all of them that share that design/mounting
  • Which door do you have? – See the last 2 photos in the gallery or toggle the option and you will see the difference in the doors
  • Does it work with Optimil Hinges? – Our wheel carrier was designed to work with all well-known hinges on the market at that time. Since then Optimill has released a security hinge that sits much prouder on the body so our wheel carrier won’t fit. Sadly we cannot modify the top bracket of our carrier or the bearing housing for a number of structural/design reasons. Some customers asked about a packer plate but then that pushes the wheel away from the door as well as create a number of other geometry issues not to mention looking terrible sitting that far away from the door! There is, however a few workarounds: -Fitted security hinges by others that are not so proud on the body (most others on the market), Fitted the Optimill hinges bar the bottom one and left the bottom as a factory hinge or Shaved the bottom corner of the hinge off with a file or grinder where it contacts the wheel carrier bracket to allow clearance (photo in the product gallery)
  • Do you offer an installation service? No, unfortunately, we cannot offer installation at this time but you can browse our certified installers list here: ORE Certified Installers List
  • Does the wheel carrier come pre-greased? Yes – we are now happy to say that all ORE Wheel Carriers come pre-greased. You will still need to service your wheel carrier to maintain its longevity and warranty. Instructions on how to do this are provided with your purchase and on the video bulletin below.

Important Information

Please note, a link and password for instructions for the ORE Wheel Carrier will be emailed to you upon purchase. If you are an existing customer and have your password, please click here to download them again. We no longer provide printed instructions in the box. As of March 15th 2022, all Wheel Carriers will be greased before dispatch. You will still need to service your wheel carrier to prevent voiding your warranty. Check out this video which guides you through the wheel carrier servicing process:


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