Please note: the current version has only been tested with genuine NAS steps part no STC50301



NOTE - although every effort is made to make our products compatible with other aftermarket accessories on the market we cannot guarantee this. our carrier is compatible with most aftermarket hinges but not the latest optimal security hinges due to how far they sit proud of the body work!

After 6 months of design and development and a further 18 months on test! At last, a true single point wheel carrier for the defender! To our knowledge this is the only sungle point wheel carrier on the market that does not need any holes drilling or enlarging in the chassis!

It's well known that the Defender rear doors show signs of stress with the weight of the spare wheel on the door.​The ORE wheel carrier works with all defenders with the standard rear doors for eaither early and late models. There is no drilling required as the design has been developed around existing fixing points on the standard rear cross members and early and late doors.

The wheel carrier takes all the weight of your spare wheel while maintaining the functionality of the rear door. There is a small linkage which connects the door to the arm thus allowing the door to move the arm for conviniece whilst no load is transfered in the closed or open positions. This unique design encorporates automotive grade bearings that can be greased via the grease nipple. Unlike other versions available our arm does not need to sit on a stop when the door is closed and the there is no sliding plates on the door that the arm can sit on so 100% of the load is transfered to the chasiss only (Thats what a "single point" wheel carrier should do)! This is also why you see Chris stood on the wheel with the door fully open.... try do that with others on the market!!

Disclaimer - we take no responsibility for loss or injury should you try whats been called the #OREstandard test by standing on the wheel carrier. Chris is a highly trained chimp! The head is adjustable to accommodate tyre sizes from 235 to over 285 and the most common wheel offsets. The ORE design team have spent thousands of hours on this project to bring you this heavy duty single point wheel carrier. We've even had a tyre as large as 35"x12.5" (contact us for tyres over 285). Manufactured and designed in the UK and designed to high tolerances (0.02mm) and exceptional standards of quality. Our high performance coating system undergoes the same treatments as British Tank Armour! Go on... Treat yourself to a little piece of mind and protect your investment when your doing what we all love to do with our Landrovers..... GET THEM WET AND MUDDY!

Does it work with NAS Steps?? - the current version has only been tested with genuine NAS steps part no STC50301 there are may copies of this style on the market and it will work with all of them that share that design/mounting

Which door do you have?? See the last 2 photos in the gallery or toggle the option and the you will see the difference in the doors.

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