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  • 5mm Powder coated Steering guard
  • 5mm Powder coated RH and LH brackets
  • Stainless steel fixing kit including replacements for some  of the existing fixings.
  • Instructions
  • OREsomeness
  • Shipped in double corrugated walled cardboard box



Take on the trails with confidence with ORE's 5mm all steel construction steering guard. Manufactured in the UK and designed to high tolerances (0.02mm) and exceptional standards of quality. Our high performance black powder coating undergoes the same treatments as British Tank Armour!

Go on... Treat yourself to a little piece of mind and protect your investiment when your doing what we all love to do with our Landrovers..... GET THEM WET AND MUDDY! The ORE HD Steering guard comes complete with an all STAINLESS STEEL  fixing kit which also includes replacement fixings for the original under body mounting points which can be badly corroded. The ORE steering guard also has 2 12mm reinforced fixed towing/recovery eyes ideal for bow shackles.

Fits all Defenders 1983 - 2016 as standard.


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Weight16 kg
Dimensions77 × 37 × 16 cm


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