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Stainless Steel Defender Wheel Carrier


£1,200.00£1,200.33 ex VAT

£1,440.00 inc VAT

Important Information

  • Instructions will be emailed to you when you order
  • All wheel carriers are pre-greased
  • Automotive grade timken roller bearings
  • Fully serviceable via a grease nipple
  • Super-tough OREsome powder coating system
  • No drilling required during installation
  • Fully compatible with the OREstyle rear step
  • Compatible with genuine NAS rear steps
  • Additional packer plate available for aftermarket hinges
  • Adjustable head supporting wheel & tyre combinations up to 37 inches!
  • Unique pressed arm design
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel fixing kit provided

Product Description

We introduced our OREsome Defender Wheel Carrier after 6 months of design and development and a further 18 months on test, and now we are proud to present a high-end stainless steel variant. We designed our swingaway wheel carrier to be the best on the market, and it has since become the most popular in the industry.

Ours is a true single point wheel carrier, which means all load weight is transferred directly into your Defender chassis and not putting any stress on your door or hinges, which is a well known fault which can be costly over the life of your Defender. You do not need to drill any new holes, or enlarge any existing holes to install an ORE Wheel carrier – we designed it around the existing cross-member & door bolt holes.

We have used automotive-grade timken roller bearings with a custom bearing housing allowing wheel carrier owners to service their carries with a grease gun & lithium-based grease, which we recommend every 3 months. This ensures the longevity of your wheel carrier as opposed to other wheel carriers with plastic bushes that you can find on the market, which will degrade over time.

Aside from the standard model, we have overhauled the entire exterior desifn and re-engineered the bearing housing so that it’s fully integrated within the arm to create a cleaner look. The arm is pressed from stainless steel with immaculate welds. The door plate, head & linkage are all fully stainless steel.

Our wheel carrier works with all Defenders with a standard rear door, with options for an early or late style door. The only difference is the door plate which has a different bolt hole layout. The wheel carrier is tethered to the rear door using a stainless-steel linkage system, which does not transfer any load weight onto the door – it simply prevents the wheel from swinging when the truck is in motion. The ORE wheel carrier has an adjustable head supporting wheel & tyre combinations up to 37 inches!

The stainless steel Defender wheel carrier uses our super-tough “OREsome” powder coating system, which has been tested to withstand a 1000 hr salt spray corrosion test and has similar properties to British tank armour. All ORE Defender accessories are designed and manufactured in Great Britain to extremely high tolerances (0.02mm) and exceptional ZERO COMPROMISE standards of quality.


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