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Land Rover Defender Front Bumpers

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Defender Bumper Fixing Kit

  • All stainless and easy-to-use fixing kit
  • Save 20% when bundled with any bumper


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We’re proud to launch our updated range of Defender Bumpers after months of design, development and testing! Of course, all of our Bumpers benefit from our signature OREsome Powdercoating system tested to withstand a unique 1000hr salt-spray corrosion test. For models purchased with daytime running lights, we’ll include two backplates to prevent mud from flicking up from the tyres and compacting onto the lights, causing them to overheat. If you’ve ever fitted a Defender bumper, you know first-hand just how difficult it can be to locate the bolts when fixing the bumper to your chassis or how complicated the typical “spring clips” are to use. In true ORE style, our engineering chimps have designed a clever little bracket with a tab for leverage allowing you to position and locate the bolts with ease when installing your Defender bumper. What’s more, our fixing kit is 100% stainless and includes black bolt caps. You won’t get this with other models on the market

  • Available with either Straight or Cranked ends
  • Available with our without Ring Automotive daytime running lights (DRLs)
  • Available with or without the infamous and easy to use ORE bumper fixing kit
  • You may need to increase the length of the cables for bumpers with DRLs (Daytime-Running Lights)
  • Featuring a 3mm Mild steel construction
  • Perfectly formed ends! we spent some serious time developing our tooling and fine-tuning our manufacturing processes to create perfectly formed ends. (Most bumpers on the market have either step folded ends or welded on ends and the ground back welds can be seen under the coating)
  • Mounting tabs are all part of the same single piece of steel which provides a neater slick finish as all from a single profile/piece of steel and no welded on mounting tabs meaning no gaps for moisture or dirt to hide and accelerate coating damage/degradation
  • Stiffeners welded in either side of mounting tabs for added strength (these are also positioned to allow good access for the coating nozzle for best proactive of even application and to allow good access for jet-washing and mud and general road debris that may build up or settle in there – again giving the coating system the best chance of staying in-tact.


For bumpers with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

  • We used only the highest quality daytime running lights from Ring Automotive
    • Provides an intense, bright beam of light
    • Complete with ‘fast-fitting kit’ for automatic lights on and off
    • Improves vehicle visibility and reduces the risk of accidents in daylight hours
    • Fitted with 5 x 1.5W ultra-bright LEDs
    • IP65 rating
    • The Ring BRL0397 is a daytime running lamp that is ‘E’ approved with ultra-bright 5 x 1.5W LEDs. The Aurora is 150mm wide and provides a narrow, intense beam of light. DLRs improve vehicle visibility and reduce the risk of accidents in daylight hours. IP65 rating.
    • Universal fitting – these lights can be purchased from popular auto parts distributors
    • For more information & instructions, please refer to:
  • Precision mounting brackets formed part of the stiffer plate to protect light housing and provide a strong mounting for the light
  • Stainless studs welded in mounting points to mount the lights
  • Stainless replacement brackets for the ring units 2mm instead of the 1mm brackets (also means there are no issues with powder-coated brackets supplied by others
  • Light mountings have a protective cover plate to stop direct impact from debris and road salt on the back of light from front wheels.


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