Land Rover Defender Steering Guard


£187.50 ex VAT

£225.00 inc VAT

Important Information

  • All-steel construction
  • OREsome powder coating system (1000hr tested)
  • Fully compatible with ORE bumpers & winch bumpers
  • Fits all Defenders 1983-2016 as standard
  • Stainless steel fixings included
  • Available with and without branding
  • 2x integrated recovery eyes (26mm diameter)

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Product Description

The Defender Steering Guard was our first product from back in 2017 and we’ve since sold hundreds of them around the globe. Take on the trails with confidence with our 5mm all-steel construction black steering guard, now available with and without the ORE branding laser-cut into the main plate.

Unlike aluminium steering guards which will bend and fold under pressure, our choice of steel provides a much higher tolerance against impact. If you scratch or scuff your steering guard the powdercoating will not rust, bubble or peel as this product our OREsome powdercoating system, tested to withstand a 1000hrs salt spray corrosion test.

After testing other examples on the market, we’re confident that the ORE Steering Guard is the Best Defender Steering Guard on the market to give you peace of mind and help protect your investment when doing what you love with your landy – getting it wet and muddy!

Our steering guard has holes laser-cut into the skid plate which allows mud & water to pass freely through the guard, preventing it from being guided up into your engine bay and around your radiator when reversing – unlike others on the market.

Manufactured in the UK and designed to high tolerances and exceptional standards of quality as with all ORE Defender Accessories. An all-stainless fixing kit is provided in the box, including replacement fixings for the original under-body mounting points which are often corroded. Compatible with all Defenders made between 1983 and 2016 and features two recovery points or towing eyes ideal for winches or bow shackles.


  • Does the ORE Steering Guard have recovery points? Yes, our steering guard includes two recovery points ideal for winches or bow shackles and coated with our black OResome powdercoating as standard.
  • Can I buy the steering guard without the holes? No – unlike other companies in the market, we think about everything. Solid-plate steering guards without any holes will collect mud if your stuck and try to reverse, which is pushed up into the engine bay and around the radiator.
  • Do you offer your steering guard without branding? Yes. Based on popular demand, we have now introduced a branding-free option for our Black Defender steering guard without logo, at no additional cost.
  • Do you offer an aluminium steering guard? When designing our Steering Guard, we opted to use steel due to it being much tougher and offering far more protection for real-world use cases. You can also confidently jack up your Defender on the steering guard, which is not possible with aluminum as it will bend.
  • Why is your Steering Guard black? We decided to create a Black Steering guard so that it blends in with the underside of the truck. Our Steering Guard uses our OREsome Powdercoating system which will prevent rust creeping and any coating from bubbling or peeling even if the steering guard is badly damaged.