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OREsome Powder Coating System

The first product we ever developed!

Most companies in the Defender aftermarket accessories industry treat powdercoating as an after-thought but at ORE, with our ZERO COMPROMISE on quality, our OREsome powdercoating system was actually the first product we developed and now adorns all of our Defender accessories in one form or another.

Working with a local university, we tested hundreds of accessories and samples on the market and couldn’t find a single one which was suitable for sustained offroad use in harsh environments, so we got to work developing our own and the OREsome powdercoating system was born!

Able to withstand a 1000 hour salt-spray corrosion test – our coating is classified as “industrial” grade able to withstand areas with permenant condensation (mud), high humidity & aggressive atmospheres!

Industry standard coatings are rated to withstand around 100 hours of corrosion – meaning our coating is roughly 10x tougher! With similar properties to tank-armour coating, ours is designed to last and is enjoyed by thousands of our fellow enthuaiasts around the world!

Since we developed our unique OREsome coating system, we have extended it to a range of different finishes for various applications from our textured finish on Defender Interior Accessories to our super-grip granular finish used on some exterior accessories.

Super Tough

Our coating is so tough, it won’t flake or bubble if scratched…. we know, because we’ve tested and proven it! Any rust will not creep more than 1mm

ISO Standards

We’re here to raise the bar in terms of quality and thats why our OREsome coating system meets ISO standards and has been tested to withstand 1000hrs of salt spray!

Tested to ISO Standards
Tank Armour Land Rover Parts

Tank Armour Coating

OREsome coating duplicates the treatments and the same powders used on British Tank Armour! We also have powders in the recipe that give this coating system UV anti fade properties.

The science behind OREsome coating

If we shared all our research, our competitors would simply copy us; or come to us to coat their products for them when they realise how complex it is! What we will share, is our testing process:

  • Laboratory accelerated test to gauge relative performance of coating systems with respect to their ability to prevent or restrict corrosion on a metallic substrate. This test is specified throughout many market sectors e.g. Industrial, Automotive, Architectural.
  • Test specimens are placed in an enclosed chamber and exposed to a continuous indirect spray of a pH solution, which falls out on to the specimens at a highly specific rate within a heated chamber.
  • Panels or parts are normally scribed with a straight cut penetrating through the coating system to the metal substrate below and placed within a salt spray cabinet for a prescribed period of time.
  • We then asses the samples following exposure measure how far creep has spread from the scribe (corrosion and/or adhesion loss) plus any blistering or other effects.
  • For our OREsome coating system to pass our lab test there must be no more than 1mm creep or blistering etc within the specified time.

The salt spray requirements for the different life expectancies are as follows, times detailed below are exposure time to have maximum 1mm creep from the scribe. Any less, isn’t accepted.

  • 2-5 years = 480hours
  • 5-15 years = 720 hours
  • >15 years = 1440 hours

So, at ORE, we believe we’ll use our vehicles in an (“ORE standard”) environment based on the fact that we drive them on salty roads and cover them in snow and mud for prolonged periods! Based on this, our coating system once scribed (we cut the coating to bare metal) should not have any creep (the rust getting under the coating) anymore than 1mm after its been in salt spray for 720hrs.

If there are signs of creep more then 1mm, blistering or anything similar then it fails to meet our OREsome standards! And just so you know…. We leave our products in the salt spray booth for 1000hrs just to be sure! That’s how OREsome our coating system is!

The samples shown in the images above this section are to show what happens when you put a cheaper, poorly prepared powder coat system on a steering guard, bumper or wheel carrier. As you can see on the right, after 480hrs it’s got a little more than 1mm creep as its flaked off altogether! We’ve used our coating system on the left with a white colour, so any rust marks are visible. This was what we found after 1000hrs.

Quality is everything to us as engineers and that’s why we spend months researching and developing our products before you can even buy them! It’s little known that we coat products for a number of customers in different industries as well as some of the names in the off-road world. If you’re interested in having the OREsome coating system on your own products then get in touch. We’re always interested to work with other companies.

Salt Spray Testing Powder Coating Samples

Salt Spray Testing Results. Left: OREsome Powder Coating, Right: Industry Standard powder coating after 1000+ hours testing


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