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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the difference between Early and Late door wheel carrier?

Early door refers to Defenders with their original rear door if manufactured before 2003. Late door refers to Defenders with rear doors manufactured beteen 2003 and 2016. The difference is the pattern in which the boltholes used to mount the wheel carrier door plate is arranged. We will send the correct door plate for your Defender in the box.

What does "backorder" mean?

If  a product shows “available on backorder” or “can be backordered” this means we are currently low our out of stock however anticipate new stock soon. You can proceed with the order and we willl fulfill it on a first-come, first-served basis and guarantee the price which is not always possible.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes! We ship to nearly every country on the planet. Simply enter your address at checkout and the best possible prices will be calculated. We cannot reduce or override these prices if you contact us.

Can you send me instructions?

For eligible products, instructions will be emailed to you seperately at the point of purchase. If you have lost this email, our instructions can be found here:

Can I collect my order to save postage?

Due to the fact we are a manufacturing facility, our insurance does not cover customers on-site therefore we cannot offer collection regardless of your location.

What's the difference between DLX and TRX series Lightbars?

The key difference between our TRX and DLX series lightbars is that TRX output light in a combo of spot & flood beam, whereas DLX output a pencil beam ligtht pattern.

All DLX lightbars are road legal in the UK for high beam, whereas TRX lightbars bigger than 13″ are not.

For more information on each product, visit the product page. For a comparision, see this bulletin:

Are spotlights/worklights/reverse lights sold in pairs?

No, all of our LED accessories (excluding headlights) are sold seperately and do not include harnesses. You can select the correct harness for your light(s) from the product page and increase the quantity of the lights in your cart.

Headlights are sold in pairs.


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